What I learned while writing my novel: life lessons.

What I learned while writing a novel: life lessons.

What I learned while writing my novel : life lessons

>Life is a draft.
Changes are inevitable. This is the reason why Draft of a novel is analogous to life. A writer can change the fate of characters by climax/anticlimax so is the case with life. Your life may change meeting a person accidentally, in a journey or by pondering over a quote. Anything strange can happen to you & that might change the course of your life forever.
As a result of constant changes into your life- sometimes good shall happen to you & other times bad. So, when you hit the rock-bottom know that YOUR LIFE IS A DRAFT. Things will change very swiftly. Have faith on your work & be consistent.

>The complete picture.
We are the real-characters & God is playing the role of writer. As a character we can whine over our roles & situations we are put into. But have faith on the writer i.e. God. He is writing the best possible story of your life. We often fail to see the complete picture as we are mere characters.

>Believe in U-turns.
When we face challenging circumstances we often lose hope. It’s hard to believe in abrupt change in destiny. Even if we fail to retain hope for miracles in tough situations we can at least think of some U-turns. Believe in U-turns & just one U-turn can change your life forever. So, just keep calm & focus on relishing the present moment.

>I don’t have time.
“You don’t have time” is a lame excuse. To write one just have to open the “note” in mobile, or has to pick up a pen & paper & has to jot down one’s feelings & thoughts. You can later on connect those thoughts with characters. You can derive many things from these short-write ups. So, just write & write. No matter where you are- in a lift, restaurant or traveling if something “nice” strikes in your mind then note it down.



Life is easy..!


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