You are a contributor to our novel

You are a contributor to our novel.
Thinking how?

》Book is a collective effort.

The Governor of RBI, Raghuram Rajan once said, “A book is almost always a collective effort, even if it has a single author”.
Authors are good observer. Their writings many a times are reflection of their past experiences, people they met & sweet turns of events.
In a way conversations they hold in real life in future may become dialogue in their next novel.


So, directly & indirectly many people would have unknowingly contributed to a novel that you might be tempted to buy at a book store.
Books are collective efforts.
Authors are one of the most interesting breed of human beings on Earth.

-They utilize each moment of their life.
They are good observer. So, what you say & do is likely to remain in their head for long. They have the ability to frame a story plot on people around them.

-They can live in their own world.
They can be extremely happy without conversing with anybody. They might be indoors & still may be euphoric. They live in their own world where they love playing with their characters, initial draft & in changing the circumstances around their characters.

When you read the Acknowledgement next time of any novel- stop & think if you might also be its contributor!


#WIP #SheisNotSister
A novel in Progress.

Life is easy..!


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