A chit-chat session with Amit Yadav

A Chit-chat session with Amit Yadav

Here’s a chit-chat session with one of the member of the Team, She is Not Sister.
Er. Amit Yadav today shares his experiences as a self-published author of “The Ultimate Suicide Guide- 27 principles to beat suicide”.

A chit-chat session with Amit Yadav

Question: “The Ultimate Suicide Guide- 27 principles to deal with suicide” focuses on serving as a handy guide to people going through suicidal tendencies. Why you wrote a book on a sensitive issue like Suicide?
Amit: You may be amazed to know that quite a large number of people across the globe suffer from some form of depression. In many cases it is an acute depression that people go through &which needs to be handled & treated by professionals. Due to lack of awareness people regard even acute depression as miniscule malady. They are unaware of the repercussion that is often suicidal tendencies over time.
Unfortunately, there hasn’t been much written on this issue.
Also, my interaction with folks going through suicidal tendencies forced me to pen down a book. As while counseling I realized that more or less I was telling the same thing to all in need of help.
So, that triggered me to write a book that could serve as a handy guide to all who approached me.

Question: It’s a very short-book of just 30 pages. Why you kept it so short?
Amit: A person going through suicidal behaviour is restless. He is in search of something “quick” that could get him out of his current pain. So, the idea to keep the book short was meant to fulfill that purpose.

Question: What message would you like to deliver to people going through suicidal behaviour?

Amit: Just keep the HOPE alive. We never lose anything in life. Give yourself time to heal. Yes, your circumstances might be extremely terrible but if you persevere you will notice that you have become a diamond out of your struggle ready to impart brilliance to the world.


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Life is easy..!


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