Why writing is the road less taken?

Why writing is the road less taken?

Even though creative writing may come to you naturally still being VERY BEST at it is in no way an easy task. Writing is an art & learning it might take more than 3-4 years. Before you step into writing you have to work on your writing style, description of circumstance & moods of character & so on.
You have to develop a strong vocabulary base as repetition of same words makes your work uninteresting. It gives a very bad first impression on the reader. You have to work on choosing words carefully so that your write-up has a natural flow of words.

The road less taken.

Most people don’t have any passion to work on something which shall take 2-3 years of hard-work. It is the same reason due to which people are afraid to take up entrepreneurship. And as in business, you might fail as well in writing industry. So, 2-3 years of hard-work may not produce the intended results. You may be needed to work for next 5-6 years down the road to become a successful & full-time writer.
Hence, writing is an unconventional path.

Writing is a time-taking activity especially if you are penning down a novel. You have to write 35K words. It is not only a tedious task but might take 2-3 years to complete your first full draft of your novel.

> 2-3 years.
Writing a novel will take considerable time. 2-3 years is a long-time. One has to be dedicated enough to write each day at least few words. Else it might take more time.

>Further edits.
You have to re-edit the initial draft many times based on feedbacks & suggestions. Again that too shall take much time.
It’s very difficult to write a novel if you don’t enjoy the writing process.

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